Website Copywriting for Small Businesses

Website Copywriting for Small Businesses

A good website copy is like a potential marketing tool for every business, big or small. Copywriting is the practice of using the written word to explain a product or service in a way that it compels the customer to learn more about the service and act upon it. This copy is valuable as it will sell a product or service to your customer.

Good website copywriting is made up of many ingredients, the most important being the value of the content. A small business may have a successful product, but if the potential of the product is not put across to the customers, the sales won’t match up to your expectations. A good website copy will answer questions like what is it about the product that is attractive to the target customers? How does it address the needs of the customer?

Most small business websites describe their products and services along with the contact card. This is not enough. Telling someone about a product is not the same as selling it!

Remember, website content is written on the basis of features, advantages, and benefits analysis of what a business offers. This means that the copy is written in a way that will analyse the needs of the customers and highlight the ways in which the business can fulfill these needs.

Must haves of good content

A well-written copy is the result of extensive research, much like a SWAT analysis, of the product and its competitors. A good writer will add an original and fresh perspective to the product and show the customer how a small business can offer something unique and advantageous.

Strategically placed keywords, grammatically correct language and effective placement of facts and figures are the main pointers of a good copy. Brevity is the keyword here, a complicated copy that a customer cannot understand will lead to a lost customer. Ensuring that the customers understand the point easily is an important part of crafting compelling copy for a small business.

Website copywriting is an ongoing process where the needs, demands and services of a small business keep evolving with time. Captivating headings followed by a clear description usually yield good results in the copywriting world.

A good website copy is the one thing that can make or break the reputation of a small business.

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