Top 5 engaging tips for social media content writing

Top 5 engaging tips for social media content writing

Social media platforms let you share your thoughts and build a relationship with your audience. They offer the opportunity to begin a conversation with different people and deliver the appropriate message. If you want to build trust then you have to put the spotlight on sharing relevant and helpful information. Content without engagement makes it difficult to fulfill its actual objective. Social media content is considered an endless challenge. There is no magic spell for content that is guaranteed to boost your social media engagement rates. However, you can follow some basic rules that will help you get on the right track to effective social media content writing.

Working on clients’ social account has helped us identify some things that really work with social media content. Here are 5 engaging writing tips for social media content that are a must-do.

engaging tips for social media content writing

Less text, more pics

Pictures speak louder than words on social media feeds as well. Images receive more likes, shares, and comments than text. People always enjoy viewing pictures of people they know, pretty pictures, ones that arouse interest etc. Images are preferred over text on social networks. Pictures help your content go viral. Remember that while creating a design for your social media updates one should keep the image within an empty space. This will enhance the design and readability of the post. If your content is visual then chances of getting constant shares and likes are higher.

Ensure you use copyright free images. This is important as it can cause legal issues as well compromise on your reputation in the industry. Social media content writing is a double-edged sword so it is important to stay ethical.

Content in the form of infographics

Infographics are always a great way to arouse interest. They are like little puzzles that help people to identify with a process, system or interesting facts. Research suggests that people are three times more likely to share infographics than any other type of visual content. Infographics are an interesting way to deliver information about any product or service.

Remember to make the infographic creative, attractive and clean. Try charts, colors, and graphics. If you have multiple pending articles or blogs then you can convert them into infographics. Hire a professional designer if you want pro and complex GIFs and infographics.

Share reviews and testimonials of readers

If you want to share your success, then go to your happy customers. A lot of people rely on customer reviews before they make the final purchase. Customers can be invited to share their testimonial, reviews or stories. Place these on your social media feeds to build trust with new visitors. Ask your satisfied customers for testimonials and they will be glad to do it for you. You have also an option of running a social media campaign and gather people’s experience and feedback.

Hashtags for social media content writing

When talking about social media channels we cannot skip the #hashtags? Popular and trendy hashtags are easy to find on social media channels. Adding hashtags is child’s play as long as you are sticking to relevant and useful terms. Adding popular hastags does justice to your written and visual content. Choose relevant hashtags according to your content. Hashtags help users find suitable content across social media. Try to share your content multiple times with different hashtags and headlines. Stick to things that work.

Follow these quick tips for social media content writing:

  • Hashtags should be relevant and concise
  • Avoid spaces in hashtags
  • Use multiple hashtags for maximum impact

Boost your engagement via weekly/monthly contests

Weekly/monthly contests with social media content writing boost engagement. It’s a good idea to ask people to submit their email address or phone number to participate in the hosted survey or contest. This will increase the number of followers and subscriber base.

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