Skill Development

The Right Skills

You need a team of specialists to put together a skill development content. The team at PenPundit boasts of specialised writing skills and can generate both skill development content and academic content for print and internet audience. In the past, we have worked with leading publications to write skill development content for them. We also help create content for online skill development platforms which are popular these days among learners. We understand the mechanism behind creating an effective and interactive e-learning content.

Under skill development services, we create and design e-learning courses for our clients. E-learning industry is a billion dollar industry worldwide and a surge is expected in the future as more industries and experts recognize ease and effectiveness of adopting e-learning in their enterprise.

At PenPundit, we also create skill based books. Instructional designing is an important aspect of making such books. A team of well trained and experiences instructional designers at PenPundit makes use of their skills to design, develop and deliver instructional material. It helps improve instructions by making an analysis of learning requirements and creates a better learning experience. Multimedia and technology are the two tools utilized by instructional designers worldwide to create content for skill development.

Instructional designers know the use of innovative technologies to enhance the learning experience of a learner. They dedicatedly follow instructional design models that make a transfer of a skill or knowledge to learner easy. It is the work of the instructional designer that makes any source of knowledge interactive, easy to follow and engaging.

Skill development courses and training has great returns in terms of better and trained workforce. It is also an add-on to the academic qualification and helps improve employment prospects of an individual.

What are the advantages of skill development?

  • Better job prospects- Skill training improves employability without a doubt. Many fields give more importance to practical knowledge of the subject matter than its theory.
  • Improved career development opportunities- An individual working in a company can upgrade his position with additional skill-based courses. Skill development leads to further development of career.
  • Personal and intellectual growth- There are skills that not only develop your professional skills but also encourage personal growth. Skills such as interpersonal, time management and negotiation skills.