Building a story

Storyboard video production services

There is a growing demand for different kinds of videos and most common among them are sales, training, business and demo videos. The storyboarding is an important aspect of planning a video. It gives an idea about every single shot of the video through illustrations and pictures designed on squares with written notes on what is happening and being said during the scene. If you are looking for customised videos for your business, then PenPundit can create the same for you.

To better understand this, let’s first begin with what is a storyboard. It is an art of creating a graphic representation of how the final video will look like after shot. People need many kinds of video and most prominent are sales, training, business and demo videos. Storyboard gives an idea as to what a video would be like. It becomes easy to anticipate its impact and get an idea about the resources required to create it. Essentially, storyboard involves creating a plan for each scene on squares on a board. The scenes can be designed on paper or on a computer. Each square contains an illustration that informs about the scene. The board also has space for a script. Thus, a storyboard gives a detailed and clear idea of what goes into making a scene.

Why storyboarding?

  1. To share your vision with others: A storyboard helps share the vision behind a video with those involved in the process of its production. It is of great help in writing a script for a video shoot.
  2. To make production easy: Storyboarding is similar to production planning. You can make a decision with regard to a number of shots needed to be taken, help decide the appropriate angles thus reducing production time. More importantly, you are able to piece the video in a coherent way.
  3. To save time: When you have planned the ‘what’, ‘how’ and ‘when’ of a video, the only work left is execution. Storyboard also reduces the chance of any confusion. Therefore, video makers end up saving a lot of their time and are able to do their jobs well.