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An attractive website design and faultless content are essential to draw the attention of clients. Yet, it is not enough. To get your website on the top searches of the major search engines, it is necessary to optimize the webpage accordingly. That’s why it is best to appoint writers well-versed in SEO writings. You can also appoint SEO content writing services, who take away the burden from you.  Experienced SEO team at Pen Pundit is not just skilled in developing search engine optimized content, they can also help you with keyword analysis as well.

SEO content plays an instrumental role in doing so. It is created with an aim to attract search engine traffic towards a particular website. To achieve this you need stellar content and the right tools. For SEO content for websites, we follow an SEO strategy that revolves around keyword research, keyword optimization, content organization, and content promotion.

At Pen Pundit, we have dedicated writers for handling different types of projects and work according to the requirements and specifications of the clients. You can appoint us for curating content for your products, blogs, articles, and directories. We offer videos, slideshows as well as infographics content for all our clients

So what does it take for your website to rank higher?

An online study has found that it takes more than 17% of all the clicks for a website to come on the top of a search. Therefore, it is first important to create content that goes viral. SEO content should have a substance which would make people click, read and explore the website further. Good and well-planned SEO content indirectly affects website ranking.

So how does one ensure the content goes viral or catches the attention of a sizeable number of the target audience? The more an article or blog is shared on social media, more is its likelihood to do well. At Pen Pundit, we have dedicated social media managers who manage social media accounts for clients. They make sure that the client has a healthy and large active audience. They also use social media to build the image of your company and keep everyone updated about your product and services.

Since this is a fairly new area of marketing, it only makes sense to hire the experts. Work with our team of SEO experts who understand your need and work accordingly. We are skilled at producing SEO content that is clear, keyword-rich, innovative and error-free in addition to keeping in mind the interest of the people. At Pen Pundit, we like to stay on top of trends and are constantly keeping an eye on what’s trending.