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Instructional Design Services

To understand instructional design, it is first important to understand what it is. Instructional design is a process of creating instructional material. The term is often used for instructional technology, learning experience design, educational technology, and curriculum design, instructional system design. Specialised instructional designers help solve problems by delivering media-rich e-learning solutions.

Instructional design deals with creation of instructional curricula that is designed in a way to achieve highest outcomes of learning among its consumers. The knowledge-rich content is put forth with effective instruction that makes learning easy. Learning modules designed by instructional designers are appealing to learners, who tend to show more interest and engagement. The aim of instructional designers is to motivate, encourage and engage learners with easy-to-follow instructions.

At Pen Pundit, we have a team of instructional designers that work closely with clients belonging from diverse industries to create instructional design content. Pen Pundit is constantly working with new ideas and concepts – it could be a learning module for a specific subject or content for an App. We have partnered with many publishing houses to create content for them.

What makes for a good Instructional designer?

Instructional designers should have necessary skills similar to those found in a computer programmer and graphic designer. They produce content after proper ideation and step-by-step research while integrating latest instructional practices in use. They have to keep in mind a number of things before embarking on to create e-learning course. They should know objective and requirement of curriculum to be created. In addition, instructional designers should design a course keeping in mind the level of understanding of the learners. At last, they should include modules to evaluate learning outcome.

The team of instructional designers at Pen Pundit attempt to fulfill demands of our clients belonging to diverse industries. They create training material that includes learning sources for students, different kinds of academic or skill development courses and can also develop the entire curricula. We use all possible resources to make a course more interactive. The sources may include multimedia technologies, online tutorial guides, and pamphlets.