Learning on the go


The world is fast changing and new learning avenues have become the order of the day. There are no watertight compartments that segregate either subjects or the ways to gain knowledge about them. The concept of anyone, anywhere and anytime has given e-learning a boost. But, it is pertinent to mention here that it takes the expertise of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), instructional designers and technical specialists to create meaningful and impactful elearning content.

At PenPundit, we are well versed in the art of creating user-friendly-learning content for K8, K12, university and workplace requirements. We collaborate with companies to create a sweet mix of creative and subject-specific content.The elearning content can be in many forms such as video, audio, interactive content, gamification, and training simulation. If you are looking for e-learning modules for a course, we have the expertise at hand. Our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and a team of fine editors and writers can help put together the appropriate content.

Here are the areas we offer support in:

Research: No work of writing is complete without proper research. PenPundit offers research services that are related to social, scientific, economic, artistic or business aspects. A thorough research improves the credibility of content. We follow a methodical approach to writing content. Our team collects data that is well researched. It is further verified for authenticity of facts and figures before it is delivered to the client.

Story Boarding: There is a growing demand for different kinds of videos and most common among them are sales, training, business, and demo videos. The storyboard is an important aspect of planning a video. It gives an idea about every single shot of the video through illustrations and pictures designed on squares with written notes on what is happening and being said during the scene. If you are looking for customised videos for your business, then PenPundit can create the same for you.

Instructional Design: We have a team of instructional designers that work closely with clients belonging from diverse industries to create instructional design content. PenPundit is constantly working with new ideas and concepts – it could be a learning module for a specific subject or content for an App. We have partnered with many publishing houses to create content for them.