Planning a Magazine? We Have Tips!

Planning a Magazine? We Have Tips!

You might have host of ideas pondering in your head on designing your first magazine, but are confused about how and where to make the first move. No worries! Pen Pundit can guide you through your Magazine Designing Journey like a PRO!

While designing a magazine is daunting, the outcome can take you to the pinnacle of glory! But for this, you should have a step-by-step approach with an idea of the basic principles. Here we have shared a few very basic but important points that might help you in designing your perfect magazine layout.

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  1. Step into the shoes of your audience – A good designer understands that the design has to be communicated effectively across to the target audience. It is important to think about the people who will be reading the magazine – their general thought process, the societal set-up around them and their way of living. Designing a magazine around these parameters can help create an instant connect with the audience.
  2. Capture ideas from everything – More often than not, designers cannot pull out great ideas at random. Working on similar projects has been known to stem creativity, which is why designers are on the lookout of creative inspiration in their day to day life. A little break amidst nature, a long walk or even a cup of tea in a cosy corner can revive a tired mind and help draw out good ideas. The whole world is full of beautiful things that can inspire design; all a designer needs to do is change his or her perception. Jotting down creative ideas as and when they strike is a great habit.
  3. Experiment with your Cover Designs – For magazines, it is a fact that they are judged by their covers. Perfecting the inside of a magazine with great visuals and amazing content is of no good if the cover is not striking enough for a browser to pick. The cover must make a person take a double take and want to pick up the magazine. It needs to grab the attention instantly and delve deeper into the publication.
    However, an attention-grabbing cover does not have to be garish or lack aesthetics. Too many random colors with a text-heavy layout can potentially look disorganized and unappealing. The cover must have the basic principles of design in place: balanced, strong headers and sub-headings teamed with simple, graphic call outs and strong color themes.

Follow A B C rule for the cover page.
Stick to A-heading, which is the magazine title, B- sub-heading, focusing on any one article and a several smaller sections with C- sub-headings.

Almost every magazine cover uses this rule to promote balance in the layout. These headings couples with strong, simple photography and ample white space creates a graphically bold layout.

4. Let your words hit their minds – Keep your magazine text presentable and interesting. In case of long articles that are without pictures, you should follow a proper and attractive format so that your readers don’t feel bored.

5. The Final Touch – Designing a magazine isn’t just about placing the text well and getting the perfect articles. Remember it’s not a rocket science and a lot more is still needed! In response to the same, you’ll have to envisage every single step, right from the beginning, i.e. creating mind-blowing designs and placing all the text on the pages properly to catch the attention of more and more readers. Also, focus on small things to accomplish the bigger things swiftly and flawlessly.


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