News aggregation: How to keep people in the know updated!

News aggregation: How to keep people in the know updated!

News aggregation has become an interesting way to collate information that is relevant to different industries and verticals. Companies globally are using news aggregation to stay updated as well as to keep their readers informed. While it is a highly technical skill that requires an in-depth understanding of the market scenario, getting the right content is half the job done.

With readers getting quality conscious, the work of news journalists and news aggregators is getting tougher by the day. A range of publications are available online and offline, all of them providing the same information. Making your presence felt in such a challenging scenario is difficult but not impossible. The important thing is to give the reader something relevant on a timely basis.

The Dos of News aggregation

Look for a fresh angle in a stale story

Your content as well as presentation needs to be innovative. Highlight the unseen and unheard facts of the news. Even if the news is stale, a fresh angle is likely to attract. If you are able to present the same creatively, an intelligent audience will lap it up sensibly and reward you with increased readership. This results in more page views and better conversion.

Judge the pulse of the audience

Knowing what the audience would be interested in, is the key. Follow topics that are trending closely. This will give you an idea on the kind of news that is being searched.

Know what readers want before they themselves do

A seasoned news analyst knows what information the reader is looking for before they even start searching. Keeping an eye on news relevant to the vertical and maintaining a constant tab helps you to do that.

Don’ts of News aggregation

Don’t go by old notions

NEVER believe that you know everything.

Such an attitude leads to nonchalance and comes across in a shabby copy. It can also create an impression that the news writer has a personal affiliation towards a story or idea, which defeats the whole purpose of news.

Don’t elaborate. It’s news, not a debate

While following any story, do not create an impression based on easily available facts and figures. Do justice to a story by going into the depths of it. This will make the news story more credible and will help you gain readership and loyalty.

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