How to Please Users and the Google Panda in One Go?

How to Please Users and the Google Panda in One Go?

Is the Google Panda happy with your content?

When you are engaging in a business online, you want to get the maximum benefit out of it. This means you want better search results and higher response rates. For both of these, good content comes as your central tool. The right content works to please the Google Panda as well as the reader. If the Panda is happy with you, your rankings will improve and you will reach a higher number of people. Top that with meaningful content and you will have user queries, which is what you want from your business eventually, right?

We identify some things online companies can do to please users as well as the Google Panda.

  1. Give your content manager time and budget.Both of these allow the content manager to evolve the ideal mix of language, flow, content and call to action. This might seem like a cumbersome and costly process, but it will all start making sense in the short run.
  2. Get rid of any duplicate content on your website. Duplicate content or content that says the same things again and again will anger your user as well as the Google Panda. It is therefore important that you create fresh and unique content for readers all the time. This is the only way to get your content credibility and response. So, hunt down duplicate content with Google Webmaster tools, SEOmoz tools, Xenu or an IIS crawl and start afresh.
  3. One thing that the Google Panda did was to rule out thin content. So if you wrote a creative but single line, the Panda will not identify it. Instead, create meaty content because it is more likely to get you better results. At the same time, cut the crap and write better.
  4. If your website has a bad section where pages have dropped out of the index, make sure they reach another place so that your users and the Panda are not immediately estranged from your website.
  5. Engage someone in a content creation process to write quality content. Such content is well researched, thought out and suits users as well as search engines.

Hire the right freelance content writers to write good content for you. If you’re engaging someone cheaper, the quality needs to be controlled by you. If you can hire someone experienced, albeit at a little extra cost, you’re at an added advantage.

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