how to Improve Your Content?

how to Improve Your Content?

With more than 6 years in business, content managers at Pen Pundit realize that good content gives better search rankings and it’s a constant process to Improve Your Content Writing. We have learnt some of it the hard way. The learning comes to our clients for free.

To give you an example, here’s a trend we have noticed with some clients: They launch the website with much fanfare and all their content designed and finished to the T. Google picks up their content and search results shoot for the stars… almost. This honeymoon lasts them for anywhere between 3 to 6 months. Just as we begin to see the traffic that we estimated, one fine day there is a downfall in the graph. They wonder why and quickly come back to us for answers.

Here’s what happened. At the time of launch, their content was keyword optimized according to fresh estimates. The content was designed impeccably and the write-ups were updated. As the months go by, Google finds no change in their content. There have been no fresh updates, there’s a lack of new exchanges, the keywords have gotten old and user requirements have changed. In this ever-changing realm of the online world, things change faster than you change your phone. Google is asking you to refresh your content, now! While some people listen, some don’t. What’s undeniable in this scenario is that content is king online, more than anywhere else. While you are busy planning your marketing and online revenue strategy, you’re losing out on serious Google traffic.

It has become important more than ever to get experts to create fresh content for you on a regular basis. Sit together with your content team and decide how often you will change your content. What are the content elements you will change and how frequently? The right strategy and content plan can maintain the right traffic for you.

It’s also important to refurbish your content routinely to be able to meet Google Panda updates as well as to meet requirements of other search engines. While the Google Panda is a good measure of the kind of content that works online, you also need to subscribe to development parameters of other search engines. In the world of search, all things matter.

If you have not taken measures to create search relevant content, now is the time to do it. In all likelihood, your competitors have already started work on their content. However, good content always speaks and here’s how we can do it:

  • Fix issues on your website that might be irking Google Panda.
  • Create a mix of online content that’s good for your business.
  • Engage a content manager to keep a regular watch on your content.
  • Change the look of your online business if you have to.
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