Follow these Simple Rules for Impeccable Article Writing

Follow these Simple Rules for Impeccable Article Writing

The two most important ingredients for flawless article writing are good content and SEO- friendly technique. With the world going crazy over internet marketing, the definition of article writing has changed over the last decade. Nowadays anyone can write anything, post it, and call it an article. However, the definition of food and bad fortunately remains the same. For instance, a week article will surely fall flat. A good article, on the other hand, holds the ability to attract followers and change mindsets.

Here are some top rules for good article writing:

Remove all barriers: The main point to keep in mind whilst pursuing article writing is to make it easier for the reader to feel a connection. Never ever have a lengthy opening for your article, start with something engaging. Make sure the reader’s eye is caught by the beauty of the idea. After all, you wouldn’t want the reader to wade through chunky content to decide if the article is worth a read or not. Therefore, keep your opening crisp and short to make it an easy buy-in.

Visual appeal: Whilst writing a good article, make sure your article is visually appealing. Be wary of dense paragraphs, they are a put off for maximum readers. Instead, tantalize your audience with short paragraphs made using crisp content. Break your text and let the ideology behind the writing remain the same.

Article writing becomes easier if you know your target audience’s mood. This makes consumption of the content easy and effective.

Substance: Never fluff when writing an article. It is a grave mistake to upload an article that says nothing. Don’t write content just for the sake of it. Instead, produce something that has meaning and uses for your readers. Curate content that teaches, conveys meaning, and give something valuable to the readers.

Storytelling: internet audience loves stories. We all respond to a compelling story – it generates an emotion within us. Use the art of storytelling to draw a reader into your piece. Capture their attention by bringing in life to the words used. It stirs human interest. Let the tension build, design content that is relatable. Keep away from dry writing for not one person is going to read something flat and tasteless.

 Action: Don’t use words just for the sake of it. All that you write in a good article has to have a structure, a point, a structure and should point towards action.  Anything except this will not cultivate interest in the reader.

Finally, practice, practice, and practice. You can master any craft with practice. This is the unstated rule for any work. Keep writing until you have a structure to write a good article. Explore different terrains, brainstorm different angles, chart out points, and never be scared of putting across your opinion across, subtly. Everybody out there is looking for meaningful, compelling content to stir things up and help people understand. Create something beautiful.

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