Does a Sustainable Marketing Strategy Include Digital?

Does a Sustainable Marketing Strategy Include Digital?

A winning marketing campaign must be able to meet many requirements. It should be effective, directed at the right people, and combine a healthy mix of marketing channels. Remember, most of the larger companies of the world are spending 13% of their revenues on marketing, while the mid-scale and smaller companies are sticking to 10% as the magic number when it comes to marketing spend. You need this to fight with competition as well as to win over the customer. Most of us are trying to devise a tested marketing strategy that we call the ‘ideal’ and stick it. That should be the best way to achieve our goals and attain maximum ROI.  Several organizations these days are turning to ‘sustainable practices’ in marketing to enjoy long-term benefits. Does a Sustainable Marketing Strategy Include Digital? and the answer is yes. Keep on reading, you will get to know how.

New and emerging economies have seen significant benefits with the help of sustainable marketing practices. Here is the one thing I see most marketers and companies forgetting. Marketing has to be sustainable first, for it to show the desired result. After that, it is you who needs to identify the best sustainable mix for your brand.

What is sustainable marketing?

There are two ways in which sustainable marketing can be defined:

  • Marketing that can be maintained at a steady level without exhausting your resources
  • Related to a system that keeps up its own suitability by utilizing strategies that take into consideration nonstop reuse

So, given that you are able to provide a sustainable budget and resources to your marketing efforts, what can you do to have an edge over others? How do you ensure that your campaign ends up reaching the right audience?

Here are 5 impactful tactics you can adhere to.

  1. Engage on social media

Social media is one of the largest platforms for marketing. With most people spending their time on mobile devices for browsing, chatting and texting, you can be sure of getting the most out of social media.  You can make use of multiple channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkeIn, etc to ensure it reaches maximum people and reinforces your brand’s message.

Some of the best restaurants of Chandigarh have seen tremendous growth with social media presence. PenPundit took up their brands and converted them into something unique and a brand people can relate to.

  1. Incorporate good content in a video

As clichéd as it might be, a picture is worth a thousand words. And people today prefer watching a video over reading content. Therefore, the best way to get attention is to embed videos and compelling content in your marketing strategy.  This will also make sure that there is enough engagement with your target audience on a regular basis and in an engaging way.

Shoolini University, for instance, has created a wide range of engaging videos that are helping students associate with their brand and identify what aspects of the university they would enjoy.

  1. Use Predictive Analysis

Predictive analysis helps you to reduce, reuse and recycle the methods used to create campaigns. The analysis will help you reduce elements that aren’t working for you anymore, reuse tried and tested methods and recycle methods to be used on other campaigns.

  1. Brand identity

Give your brand the much needed boost through graphics, printed collateral, infographics and photographs. The more awareness you create, more chances of potential customers knowing your brand. It determines how your audience perceives you and therefore the look, feel and tone of the company must encapsulate your brand identity.

Some of the schools we work with, have created a unique name for themselves with the right branding. They are able to get across their message using the right language, which is ably supported by the team at PenPundit.

  1. Content Marketing

Keep your customers engaged through compelling content. It can include blogs, press releases, guides, e-books, white papers, or any other form of content. We’ve also experimented with some great content marketing attempts for bigger companies with magazines, blogs and books. These prove to be a useful resource and gets customers to visit them over and over again. This gives companies tremendous exposure and generates a brand that stands out in the market.

Sustainable strategies such as these are the way forward for most companies – in the digital form or as traditional marketing. While many customers are better off in the digital space, many companies realise that to stand out these days, one needs to go back to traditional marketing tricks supported by good content. That is the way to stand out amidst the sea of digital marketing and content that is out there.

Have you figured ‘sustainable marketing’ yet? Tell us if you have in the comments section below.

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