We are swiping our digital screens more than we flip the pages of a book. But the power of print refuses to diminish. At Pen Pundit, we like to write and read, a lot. We firmly believe that publishing will never go out of style and we are geared up for it. We provide end-to-end content, pre-press, publishing and print solutions. Since we don’t believe in restricting ourselves to a particular genre, we have been creating books on subjects ranging from academic and technical to skill-based, lifestyle-based and marketing-based.

We also have a unique magazine vertical called It is a personalized magazine created for individual clients. From the cover story to the last page, CreateMyMag features you as the star. It is unlike most of the magazines you see on the shelves as it can be themed around your special occasions such as marriage and birthdays. The team at Pen Pundit doubles up as reporters and editors to create magazines for companies and individual entrepreneurs as well. The focus is on highlighting achievements, product portfolio, and services. Have a look at the publishing services that we offer.

Publishing Services by Pen Pundit

Books: Writing a book is an art and work of persistence. It requires a great deal of knowledge about the subject one chooses to write on. Knowledge is coupled with extensive research work to come up with a masterpiece. At Pen Pundit, we specialize in professional book writing  across several categories such as academic, fiction, non-fiction, biographies and more. If you have a story to tell or an academic book to compile, do get in touch. You could also hire us to ghostwrite an article or book for you.

Magazines: Does the idea of commemorating a marriage, birthday, engagement or marriage anniversary in the form of a full-fledged magazine sound exciting to you? Then CreateMyMag is just what you need. Spearheaded by Pen Pundit, CreateMyMag is a personalized magazine service for clients. When time is fleeting by, this is a hard copy for life. So if you want to preserve memories of your special days, let us know. For more details, head over to

Annual Reports: We help put together an annual report for companies. An annual report, as you would be aware, is a comprehensive copy that documents all activities of a company during the previous year. It is a gray literature that a company uses to explain to the shareholders and people interested to know about a company’s progress and financial performance. We work closely with the client and make sure the report is a quality read and accuracy of facts and figures is maintained.

Skill Development: You need a team of specialists to put together with skill development content. The team at Pen Pundit boasts of specialised writing skills and can generate both skill development content and academic content for print and internet audience. In the past, we have worked with leading publications to write skill development content for them. We also help create content for online skill development platforms popular these days among learners. We understand the mechanism behind creating an effective and interactive e-learning content.