Marketing Content

Market content the ‘write’ way

Every business today needs marketing to attract prospective buyers to generate revenue. And if the business is online, marketing becomes even more pertinent. At PenPundit we offer all the solutions to your marketing content requirements. Our team is extremely innovative with sales and promotional pitches, product description and infographics, social media posts for Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, SEO writing, blogs, video and website content.

marketing content

Most popular forms of Digital Marketing Content

  1. Blogs: Posting blogs on a regular basis on your website keeps your customers or audience engaged. Moreover, blogs that maintain all important elements of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in mind help drive traffic to a website. To maintain a regular flow of quality and effective articles, companies hire expert bloggers. At PenPundit, we have highly experienced bloggers who can dish out quality content on different genres, themes, and topics.
  2. Videos: Videos are one of the most popular forms of Digital Content marketing available today. Video marketing has become popular with the popularity of internet media. Due to the fact that video content is one of the most engaging and effective content today, an increasing number of marketers are using it for promotional means. Videos also have a lasting impact on the audience. At PenPundit, we have expert video-makers who can create customised videos as per client needs.
  3. Infographics: While the written word can help pass on the required information, there are times when infographics help explain a complex topic better and with ease. The team at PenPundit believes infographics also drive better engagement when integrated into an article, blog or simply in a social media post. People understand it better when images and words are used together to express something. Our in-house graphic designers are creative and in line with latest industry trends.