Content Writing Services

Content is the single-biggest driver of opinion today. A Forrester report suggests that a consumer considers 11.4 pieces of content before making the final purchase. It’s important to create the right content for all stages of the buyer’s journey. Influence your market with the right content with our customized content writing services.

Content Writing Services

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Content writing services is an integral part of online management. After all, content is the single-biggest driver of opinion today. Did you happen to read the Forrester Research report which points out that a consumer considers 11.4 pieces of content before making the final purchase? It underlines the fact that while it’s not easy to catch the attention of a consumer, it can be achieved with content that’s not just factually correct but is engrossing and spot-on. So how do you go about achieving that? That’s where PenPundit likes to step in. We offer a range of content writing services that are customized according to client needs. Here’s what we offer:

Content writing services India by Pen Pundit

Technology Content:

The success of any technical content can be gauged if it is lucid enough to be understood by the target audience. It is a challenging task to create technical content that doesn’t drown itself in heavy terminology. Thankfully, the team at PenPundit understands that well. Our team of technical writers and technical content experts are able to provide documentation, white papers, articles and blogs on different subjects.

Marketing Content:

Effective content writing services help companies to market themselves better. The right tag lines and well-written copy helps to meet the client’s objective. At PenPundit, we brainstorm ideas with clients and offer diverse marketing content that’s customized just for them. It could be an announcement for a spring-summer sale, a promotional pitch, product description or infographics. We also help in keeping social media posts for Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin up-to-date with quality content. Team PenPundit is skilled at SEO writing, writing for blogs, creating videos and website content.

Website Content:

Gone are the days when one could get away with zilch online presence. Today, it is considered mandatory for a brand to have its own website. With clients checking your website before they get down to doing business with you, a well-designed website with quality content is something you shouldn’t miss out on. Team PenPundit can help you put it all together in a style that represents the brand well. We can also keep the website up-to-date for you if you like.


It can be quite a daunting task to compile the necessary details about a product or service and put it across for consumers in a coherent way. We understand that it takes a special kind of skill set to put together documentation or user assistance as we refer to it more commonly. Pen Pundit has proficient content writers in India, who are proficient in putting together user documentations in the form of video tutorials, FAQs, and support portals.

SEO Content:

The success of your website depends on how much traffic you are able to draw in. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a process by which a website is optimized in a way that it is accessible through search engines. To achieve this you need stellar content and the right tools. There are various types of SEO content that PenPundit produces for its clients. These include blogs, product pages, articles, infographics, directories, slideshows, and videos.

Audio Content:

With technology changing at breakneck speed, there are new ways to reach out to your consumer. It’s important to stay on top of trends and use all modes of communication. When it comes to promotions, customized audio content is key. Be it talking about your latest launch in an audio format or spreading the word about your new venture, our content writing services can help you put together the right content.

Video Content:

It wouldn’t be out of place to say that video content has gone viral in the last few years. Easy to understand and quick to share, videos are perhaps the quickest way to get your message across to the consumer. YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, Vimeo, and even Facebook Live, there are an increasing number of channels to showcase video content on. Let us know what you have in mind and we’ll help you make a video out of it.

STM Copyediting:

STM copyediting is necessary when you are planning to publish papers in the realm of science, technology, and medicine. Due to the highly advanced nature of these fields, it requires necessary expertise to edit these papers while being factually correct and preserving the given data. PenPundit’s content writing services comprises STM specialists who can help you write a well-edited manuscript. All submissions, including manuscripts, created by PenPundit are checked for style, formatting, and language.