Content Writing or Emotional Writing?

Content Writing or Emotional Writing?

They say, “Emotions have no place in business”. I say, “Emotions can get you business”.

Words have an incredible effect on humans which is why content marketing has been an impeccable medium for business branding. Savvy business proprietors capitalize on using words to their utmost potency. While nothing can replace the know-how and proficiencies of a professional writer, knowing the basics of nature and persuasion of commoners can help anyone learn the subtle art of ‘impact and influence’.

The idea being conveyed here is that nothing can be more influential for humans than emotions and experiences. A flavor of emotions in your words has the power to strike people’s mind, leaving an undying impact on them. The most thriving salespeople know that emotion drives our desires, impulses, and decisions. Movies set the best example to show case this. A movie without a compelling story line also sometimes hits up the charts earning millions with just a spice of emotions in it. Hence, tapping into this emotional fountain allows you to access the most powerful tool for influence.

But …!

Harnessing the power of sentiments doesn’t necessarily means that you switch to an “emotional” style of writing as this is considered as disingenuous. Hence, many businesses avoid such tones and overly “flowery” language. Instead, they prefer writing in simple language with common phrases and words that anyone can understand and relate to. Remember not all your consumers are expert and aren’t interested in guessing, so there’s no sense using complex metaphors. Writing a straight forward and to the point copy is what that makes the most sense, and still harnesses the power of emotions.

But.. How?

The Art of Adding-in the motions

Amidst the plethora of sales copies across the globe, the one which is subtle and exceptional gets the job done. Your customers are aware of all your sales tactics and promotional campaigns, which is why marketing is a great challenge for business owners. Whether you come up with visual ads or text-based leaflets, you’ve to be extraordinarily thoughtful to come up with an idea that hits your end customers’ head. Here’s where emotions can help you with. Remember, great sales copy tells a story that can elicit emotional response.

But before you create a suitable story to sell your brand, you must figure out what exactly your customers want. Dive into their world and find out their problems and challenges and determine how your products will help them overcome their issues. A key thing to note here is that you’ll need to be little tricky and creative here. For instance, offering a wall paint that looks amazing isn’t the only requirement of a customer. They need something, which is affordable, long-lasting and that offers the freedom of DIY allowing them to enjoy fun time painting homes with their family-friends. The Asian paints video advertisement featuring Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone is probably the best example of it.

Thus, getting into their heads and creating an outstanding copy that points their pain and the best solution to it is the key to sale business. Though, it’s clever but very effective in driving customer’s emotional reaction.

Words that Matter

Great sales copy is indeed an art and a science that professional content writers spend years perfecting. However, to begin improving your blog posts,

websites and ads, make the simple change of integrating emotional phrases and words. Think of words that your customers can relate to in their real-life. These words create an emotional response and can get you quick attention from a reader creating deep impact on him/her.

Therefore, Sales with Emotions is the new trend for business owners to drive their business towards success for years.

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