Content Writing has Become the Centre of all SEO Exercises

Content Writing has Become the Centre of all SEO Exercises

Content is the new SEO. Or you can say that if ‘content marketing is the sandwich, SEO is the mayonnaise’. While a sandwich without mayonnaise is tasteless, mayonnaise in its own is not very tempting.

Over the years, SEO and Content Marketing were considered as two distinct marketing techniques. However, in reality, both of them are integrated with each other. “If SEO states the requirements, and content marketing fulfills them.”

This can be understood with the help of an example. Every time you search for a keyword on Google, various types of content pop up on the screen like blogs, articles, videos, infographic, landing pages, etc. which is a clear indication that SEO, to a great extent, revolves around content.

Rand Fishkin, the creator of MOZ also supported the statement that great content can help you have good SEO. Indeed, he says that it is a very pivotal, intelligent and non-manipulative way of earning links. Your content is the best way for your customers to explore your brand. Simply by reading your blogs, your customers can learn a lot about you and evaluate your services and products. By sharing just one blog, you can achieve several marketing objectives including promotion, brand enhancement, Sear engine rankings and even getting the feedback, altogether.

How Businesses can focus on Great Content?

GREAT CONTENT can help you boost your SEO results. Check out these handy tips to learn how.

  1. Research Thoroughly – A well researched content is what readers look for today. Hence, make sure you don’t write anything off the top of your head. Instead, research well the topic you choose. A thorough
    research can help you create an excellent piece of content, which in turn, can drive more traffic and boost your SEO.
  2. Keep it Natural – While content is incomplete without SEO, writing a content that focuses on keywords might appear ‘artificial’ or promotional. Therefore, whenever you write any content to drive traffic, you should avoid using too many keywords. This will help you write a natural piece that your audience will enjoy. This can be compelling for them, and help bring them back again to read your other blogs. Moreover, Google considers content that is written profession which is definitely good for the health of your Google SEO Rankings.
  3. Write In-Depth Content – Writing in-depth content helps you cover specific topics offering your readers with detailed information. You can always make your content compelling and interesting by adding some multimedia piece in your blog/article such as an infographic or a video to help people remember the essence of your content.
  4.  Encourage User Reviews and Feedback – When it comes to SEO, Customer feedback and reviews play an important role. This is also a great way to show that you trust your customers and that their opinion matters to you a lot. In addition, the more you get user reviews for your content; you’re more likely to get SEO rankings and increased traffic. Not only this, a positive customer review can help you build trust among customers getting you more customers.

To conclude, it can be said that Internet is like a massive utopia driven by content. Use content as a powerful tool to build your brand and get success in the market. By focusing o content, you can establish relationship with more clients and convert visitors to potential leads.

Hence, as a content marketing firm, we suggest enterprises to take some time to look over their current content strategy for SEO and begin investing more in content. Trust us, your rankings will thank you, for sure.

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