Are you content marketing in 2013?

Are you content marketing in 2013?

content marketing 2013 Sure, most things have seen a poor start this year. However, small and big companies continue to lay focus on content marketing as a form of engaging clients, customers and partners. There is reason to believe that. A Content Marketing Institute (CMI) and MarketingProfs 2012 report suggests that managers in 90% organizations are content marketing. Most marketers rely on content marketing as a primary means of success. A Consumer’s Attitudes Toward Custom Content report also suggests consumers like companies that provide custom content. Yes, most people depend on a variety of articles rather than a single ad to decide what they want to buy.

Here are the 5 must-do content marketing ideas this year:

Have a plan!

Indeed, something that many companies tend to ignore. It’s even worse to have a shabby one. Identify your readership and plan what you want to do accordingly.

Great content always works

It’s not only about shooting out content to your reader, not knowing what they are looking for. Instead, identify the best way to engage your reader, try to give relevant information and create superb content. Only great content works. Average content skips most readers.

Mobile Content

As more people use their phones to stay in touch, look up information and make decisions, mobile content becomes relevant. Companies are likely to use it in different ways to spread the word.

Case Studies

Most businesses will depend on a basket of offerings for growth in 2013. It’s necessary to give due importance to all your stories with relevant, effective and well-written case studies.

Keep the budget on

To stay afloat in the longer run, spends on content marketing have to be maintained. Remember, that results of effective content marketing often show astounding results in the long run.

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