Pay per Click Management Agency

The importance of Google Adwords has increased significantly in the recent years as most of advertisers now rely on this tool to promote their page. Be it a content promotion or brand campaign, Adwords is the new tool used for online marketing. Therefore, if you want to promote your website online and increase revenue earning, look for a certified Google Adwords management company. PenPundit is one of the few Adwords experts in Punjab.

Pay per Click management company


Google has always offered Adwords as a tool to promote new visitors on the search engine page as well as on its advertising network. Using this tool, a new website can beat old players. It helps you to reach millions of people and increase business. It’s cheaper than most traditional forms of marketing. Best part is that you could have a business in any field and have any budget to gain equal advantage from this tool.

Benefits of managing Adwords with PenPundit:

  • Certified Adwords company
  • Digital marketing experts
  • Effective copywriting
  • Ability to handle markets across georgraphies
  • Effective ROI with lead generation
  • Improved conversion via website management

Pen Pundit is a certified Adwords company. We have a team of experts to manage Google Adwords and similar online marketing platforms for our clients. We are well-versed with the important role of Google Adwords and its role in revenue generation. If you are looking for a professional Google Adwords management company, call us now.

All about Google Adwords

Bid: This is the maximum price that you are ready to pay for every click you receive on your advertisement. However, in most of the cases, Adwords actually charge you lesser price than your bid and the best part is, you can change the price at any time.

Advertisement quality and landing page: Just getting higher bids is not enough to take your advertisement on the top. The quality of the advertisement and its relevance to the website with which it is linked is also important, as this helps in improving the Quality Score. Better the Quality Score, higher is the position of the advertisement. At PenPundit, we check every detail regarding this from the AdWords account and make necessary improvisations.

Ad Rank Limits: Not every advertisement pass the quality test of AdWords. To ensure that only quality ads are displayed to the viewers, AdWords have set different limitations. Our experts know that well and can help your ad in qualifying the threshold at ease.

Apart from these, the search context and the impact of the advertisement is also quite important in determining its visibility. We, at PenPundit, know each and every intricate detail regarding AdWords. Therefore, if you are looking for pay per click management agency, you can rely on us. We will take care of everything related to the advertisements, from bidding to quality management.