5 Tips for a Great Content Marketing Strategy

5 Tips for a Great Content Marketing Strategy

Technological advancements and increasing competition in the marketplace has led to the inevitable evolution of marketing into a data-driven process. What we often forget is that too much data does not equal to valuable data. This is the key to a successful content marketing strategy, and here are some tips to remind ourselves of the basics – keep the focus on creating

1. Expectations don’t have to be Sky-high

The primary objective of a content marketing strategy for a brand is to increase brand awareness and customer interest to accelerate its growth.
This is no small task and so the expectations and opinions can sometimes get overwhelming. But as a content marketer, creating something of value for the brand’s target audience is the singularly most important thing.
Once this focus is clear, the strategy becomes simple.

2. Measure the Effectiveness

  • Planning
  • Creation
  • Distribution
  • Measurement
  • Optimization

The key components of content marketing, with two being dedicated to tracking the performance. Technology can help anyone track, monitor and measure the performance of a content marketing strategy. It helps to have quantitative data that helps determine the success rate of your targets.

3.Marketing is for Humans

No amount of data insights can replace the integral human element that has been the backbone of marketing since its advent. The core of the content marketing strategy has to be rooted in the brand’s image, identity and the customer’s perception. The content should be able to draw customers to the brand’s site and address their needs so they convert into paying customers.

Data analytics should be used to identify the demographic of paying customers, the successful social channels for the brand etc., which can help the brand form positive relationships with its customers.

4. Minimize Distractions

Creating a quality piece of content requires research and concentration, and checking your email every 5 minutes, not having priorities for the daily workflow, juggling 2-3 tasks at a time and not delegating work are the main distractions a content writer can face. These should be avoided at all costs.

5. Humour is Human

There is nothing like humour to build lasting relationships, and content marketing is no different. Humour gives a brand a more relatable, authentic, human identity; one that makes the customers want to relate to the brand.

It is best deployed for challenging, mundane topics that people don’t like to normally peruse. It also helps bring about a little creativity, and that’s always a good thing for brand image.

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